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• Steps + milestones: Project strategies •

Based on the results of a systematic needs assessment and a review of effective interventions, provided by the Swiss Foundation for Migration, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, and supported by an “overall project” that assured the implementation of the issue into management and quality management structures and monitored the development process, the partners implemented solutions in the following intervention areas:

  • Improving interpreting services
  • Migrant-friendly information and training for mother –and child care
  • Staff training towards cultural competence.

So a major strategy to test the feasibility of becoming a migrant-friendly and culturally competent organisation was the implementation and evaluation of evidence- and experience-based interventions in these three specific areas. The implementation was supported by expertise (tools, consultation) and the resources of mutual consultation in the European benchmarking process.

Experiences and results were presented at the Final Conference “Hospitals in a Culturally Diverse Europe” in Amsterdam, Dec 9-11, 2004. Intermediate results were disseminated at several European conferences for hospitals, public health, health promotion and the health sciences.

European Recommendations for migrant-friendly health policy on the hospital level as well as for other stakeholders were launched as the “Amsterdam Declaration Towards Migrant-Friendly Hospitals in an Ethno-culturally Diverse Europe”. To assure sustainability of the MFH movement after the end of the project, a Task Force on Migrant-Friendly Hospitals has been established in the framework of the WHO Network on Health Promoting Hospitals.

Steps and Milestones: Timeline