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• The way ahead: Task Force on Migrant-Friendly Hospitals within the Framework of Health Promoting Hospitals •

To sustain the European momentum created by the MFH project a Task Force on Migrant-Friendly Hospitals has been established within the WHO Network of Health Promoting Hospitals. The Task Force will be coordinated by the Emilia-Romagna Network of HPH, represented by the Health Authority of Reggio Emilia.

The Task Force brings together practitioners, managers, scientists and community representatives with specific expertise and competence in policy-relevant knowledge in the field. It will act as an “epistemic community” aimed at sustaining the development and implementation of policies, services, research activities and practices addressing migrant-friendliness issues at the local, national and European levels. The Task Force will use the annual international conferences, the newsletter and the website of HPH as media of communication.

For more information on the Task Force, please contact:

Dr. Antonio Chiarenza
Co-ordinator of the Task Force
Coordinating Centre of HPH Regional Network of Emilia-Romagna
AUSL of Reggio Emilia – Direzione Generale
Via Amendola, 2
42100 Reggio Emilia, Italy
E-mail: antonio.chiarenza@ausl.re.it >>

• MFH Task Force Action Plan 2005-2006 •