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• "Hospitals in a culturally diverse Europe" •
International conference on quality-assured health care and health promotion for migrants and ethnic minorities

Final conference of the European project Migrant-Friendly Hospitals:
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 9-11, 2004

At the final conference, European recommendations (The Amsterdam Declaration) on how to develop and implement migrant-friendly strategies in hospitals were presented and discussed with international and European partners. Findings and experiences from the 12 pilot hospitals were discussed.

The Amsterdam Declaration (in English)
    [pdf, 470 KB]
The Amsterdam Declaration in other languages >>

Conference programme >>

• Conference Proceedings •

Plenary 1: Launching the Amsterdam Declaration: Towards migrant-friendly hospitals in an ethno-culturally diverse Europe >>
Plenary 2: Migration and health: challenges for health care and health promotion >>
Plenary 3: Culturally adequate health services - a quality strategy for European hospitals >>
Plenary 4: Empowering migrants end ethnic minorities for better health >>
Poster sessions
Poster session 1: Experiences and results from the MFH project >>
Poster session 2: Experiences and results of initiatives, model projects and scientific research >>
Paper sessions
Paper session 1 >>
Paper session 2 >>
Paper session 3 >>
Paper session 4 >>
Paper session 5 >>
Paper session 6 >>
Conference workshops >>
Post-conference meeting on MFH Task Force >>